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Holématthi Nature Foundation, along with its sister organization, Nature Conservation Foundation, has developed a range of literature and merchandise that help us raise funds for our ongoing conservation efforts in the state, as well as support our future endeavours in conservation. You can browse our collection, by clicking on any of the links listed below.  


The team at HNF has been working intently in the Western Ghats and Deccan Plateau landscape for decades. Based on these experiences, we have, in collaboration with a number of partners, published books that can shine a light on the incredible diversity of the region, as well as the urgency of our conservation efforts. These range from personal narratives to comprehensive reference materials. 

Did you read about our wonderful team of artisans trained under the Alternative Livelihoods Programme? 

The intervention ensures community members living along the forest fringes don't have to rely on seasonal, scarce forest resources, that wildlife in the region also relies on. 

Along with this, we work with our in-house artisan to design a number of wildlife-inspired merchandise that can help us raise awareness about the beautiful wildlife of Karnataka, as well as raise funds to keep working on our conservation initiatives. 

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